Dylan LeBlanc

Although the Golden era of Alabama’s fabled Muscle Shoals sound had passed by the time Dylan was born in 1990, his ancestral roots and family background connected him to one of the most significant sources in the rich tapestry of American music. His father’s position as a Muscle Shoals session player and songwriter meant that early in life Dylan was privy to the sights and sounds of an unvarnished, vanishing epoch and such legends as Spooner Oldham.

“I grew up around a lot of the session players… when I was 11 or 12, I would watch and ask a lot of questions, so for me it was like going to music college,” is how the tall, gentle voiced, lank haired Shreveport, Louisiana native remembers it. “It seemed like a much simpler world – it was romantic to me the way everyone sat in a circle and “took it from the top”. They just played and hit the record button.

That’s the path I followed when I made this album.” Dylan expands… “for me music is about getting together with a group of people who feel like family – you create a bond, feeding off each other. Just a look or a hand gesture and they know what you’re talking about.” Dylan’s progress was natural, organic – learning the ropes as a young sideman helped define his own worldview and artistry through his teens.

Holli Mosley

Just like the twinkling blooms of southern Star Jasmine, singer Holli Mosley’s voice infuses the air with sweet, sultry melodies that are taking this artist straight to the top. From opening the stage for the likes of Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton & Travis Tritt and into the hallowed halls of Muscle Shoals’ FAME Recording Studios, Holli has positioned herself alongside some of the most venerated southern rock & soul performers of the last 50 years. Under the tutelage of FAME Studios President Rodney Hall, Holli is perfecting her sound with hand-picked writers and seasoned session players dubbed the new FAME gang – a modern day version of the studio’s legendary rhythm section.

The combination of Holli’s soulful lyrics, powerful voice and company she keeps will make her  one to watch. Capturing the essence of the Muscle Shoals’ sound. Collaborations on the project feature guest writers and performances by The SteelDrivers’ former lead vocalist Gary Nichols, Larry Byrom of Steppenwolf fame and Grammy Award winner John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars, as well as ten time CMA musician of the year Mac McAnally

Holli’s musical talent is seemingly genetic, passed straight down through her grandfather’s country & bluegrass lineage, directly into her soulful sound. At the tender age of 8, she knew she wanted to sing, began competing and has been climbing the ranks ever since. Crediting country as an early influence in her life, Holli now looks to southern rock & soul as a source of inspiration. As her musical tastes have matured, so has Holli’s voice – the result of which leaves her a rising star on the Country and Americana landscape.

Her drive and determination has taken her from humble beginnings in Mobile, Alabama to opening for major music industry stars.


Billy D. Allen

The captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences back in time as BILLY D. ALLEN blends musicianship and creativity with traditional rhythm & blues, soul, pop and rock & roll. “His fans leave encouraged and filled with the love they received from him which is a rare and special thing”. Billy’s shows are powerful and positive! He brings to the stage a vitality that entices the audience to participate whether its singing along or dancing up a sweat. Born just a few miles from the renowned Muscle Shoals in a small one-stoplight town called Town Creek, Alabama. Country living, farm-life and church is all he grew up on in the 90’s. From the church house to the rock joints, over a decade of entertaining audiences all over the southeast including Harrah’s in Metropolis, IL. The Billy D. Allen band has a laundry list of standards and top charting hits that includes his own original music. Billy is “that” artist who will delight the senses of any age! Be sure to check out one of his shows. You won’t be disappointed. In the words of a few eloquent fans…Has one of the most soulful and passionate filled voices I’ve ever experienced”, He’s got believability because he genuinely wants to create a healing connection and exchange with his audience”, Billy is the consummate performer!

Billy is working on his debut album at FAME as we speak.  Keep your eyes out for Billy D. Allen album.