FAME Publishing was started in 1959 as Florence Alabama Music Enterprises, which was shortened to FAME. The Company was started by Rick Hall, Billy Sherill and Tom Stafford over the City Drug Store in Florence, Alabama. Hall and Sherill had gotten a couple cuts working with publisher James Joiner and his Tune Publishing Company when they were approached by Stafford to start their own company. After a few cuts, Sherrill and Stafford left Hall with Sherill going to Nashville to become one of the most successful Producers/Songwriters/Executives in Nashville in the 1970’s & 1980’s.

Over the decades FAME Publishing has scored Seven “Song of the Year” Awards with artists like All-4-One, Tim McGraw, John Michael Montgomery, Ronnie Milsap, Earl Thomas Conley and most recently with Jason Isbell.

Today the company has a catalog of over 3,000 songs with multiple top 10 singles, ASCAP awards and Song of the Year awards. The catalog boosts the writing of Phillip White, Jason Isbell, Walt Aldridge, James LeBlanc, Dylan LeBlanc, Brad Crisler, Gary Nichols, Angela Hacker, Robert Byrne, Gary Baker, Russell Smith, Tony Colton and many more. Below is a sampling of projects we have cuts on…

Songs of the Year

There’s No Gettin’ Over Me -Ronnie Milsap (country song of the year)– written by Walt Aldridge & Tommy Brasfield

Holding Her & Loving You – Earl Thomas Conley (country song of the year) – written by Walt Aldridge & Tommy Brasfield

I Swear – All-4-One (Pop, R&B & international song of the year) – written by Gary Baker & Frank Myers

I Swear – John Michael Montgomery (country song of the year) written by Gary Baker & Frank Myers

I Like It I Love it – Tim McGraw (country song of the year) -written by Mark Hall, Steve Dukes & Jeb Anderson

Alabama Pines – Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit (Americana song of the year) written by Jason Isbell

Cover Me Up – Jason Isbell (Americana song of the year) written by Jason Isbell