“The Chase”: Bonneville Teams Up with the FAME Gang for a Musical Homage to 70s Car Chase Cinema

“The Chase”: Bonneville Teams Up with the FAME Gang for a Musical Homage to 70s Car Chase Cinema

Muscle Shoals, AL, June 5, 2024 – FAME Recording Studios is excited to announce the release of “The Chase,” the latest single from the Southern Retro Soul Band, Bonneville. Slated for release on June 5th via Starita Records, this instrumental track is a bold tribute to 1970s car chase scenes, perfectly encapsulating the raw and vibrant energy of Muscle Shoals.

Rodney Hall, President of FAME Recording Studios, is thrilled about the collaboration, stating, “It is an honor to continue our partnership with Bonneville and Starita, who truly capture the essence of the Muscle Shoals sound. ‘The Chase’ is a testament to the magic that happens within these walls.”

Recorded during a vibrant session in FAME’s Studio B, “The Chase” is the fifth single from Bonneville’s acclaimed second album, “Flying Machine.” As the album’s only instrumental track, it features a cacophony of funk that transports listeners straight into the adrenaline-pumping world of 70s action films. Inspired by iconic soundtracks and legends like Curtis Mayfield, this track also showcases the stellar musicianship of the dynamic Muscle Shoals Fame Gang.

Bonneville’s track record of success is clearly reflected in their music’s performance. Featured in the top 10 across 280+ Spotify playlists, and earning coverage from major international press outlets like Relix Magazine and Glide Magazine, Bonneville has captured the hearts of fans and critics alike. Their influence extends globally, with “The Chase” contributing to their impressive reach—over 3.5 million listeners worldwide and notable chart successes such as placing #2 on Norway’s iTunes R&B/Soul Chart in 2024.

Drawing from the visceral energy of inner-city scenes and legendary soundtracks, “The Chase” is an audacious musical experiment. Inspired by iconic tunes like ‘Are You Man Enough?’ from The Four Tops and the theme to ‘Shaft,’ the single weaves the historical richness of the Muscle Shoals sound with Bonneville’s contemporary creative flair. Jeff Hayashi, Bonneville guitarist and co-songwriter, describes “The Chase” as “a soundtrack to the most thrilling car chase you never saw on screen.” This track is not just a nod to the past but a vibrant reimagining of it, designed to transport listeners right into the heart of a 1970s film chase scene. The single not only highlights each musician’s individual talent but also the collective groove that is quintessential to Muscle Shoals.

“The Chase” is another testament to the enduring legacy of FAME Recording Studios, showcasing the innovative spirit and musical mastery that have been hallmarks of our studio for over six decades.

The single “The Chase” will be available across all digital service providers on June 5th, 2024. For a complete list of upcoming performances and events, visit http://bonnevilleofficial.com.

For more information about FAME Recording Studios and our rich history, please visit famestudios.com.

The full production team on ‘The Chase’ include band members – Jeff Hayashi, songwriter, guitar, co-producer, arranger; Starita, producer; Charles Brooks, vibraphone; Andy Dixon, bass; Brad Kuhn, keys; Justin Holder, drums; Caleb Elliot, cello; Kimi Samson, violin; Will McFarlane, guitar; Brad Guin, flute, saxophone; Vincent Ciesielski, trumpet; Sarah Morrow, trombone; Wes Sheffield, lead guitar, recording engineer, mixer, mastering engineer. Creative direction and photography by Tam Akiko. Released by Starita Records, a division of Starita Music.


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